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That is also included in one of the divisions in our company that focuses on the making, planning and research in the construction of a rescue ship or commonly called a LIFEBOAT. For the types of LIFEBOAT in our company is divided into 3 types, TOTALLY ENCLOSED LIFEBOAT, OPEN TYPE LIFEBOAT and RESCUE BOAT. For the definition of lifeboat itself for those who don't know, we define it as follows.



Lifeboat is a vessel that used for emergency evacuation in the event of disaster or accident aboard a ship or other marine structure in waters area. A rescue ship can also be interpreted as a ship that has a rescue tool for an emergency in the sea or other waters. Lifeboat which is commonly used by man around the world is motorized. In general, this Lifeboat is equipped with a motor, which can directly be used to speed up the evacuation process for some people or victims who have drowned in the sea.

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