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FISHING BOAT 3 GT 9.50 M (Breadth 1.20M) (ALL TYPE)

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21 Sep 2021
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3 Gt And Less

Specification of FISHING BOAT 3 GT 9.50 M (Breadth 1.20M) (ALL TYPE)

Are you looking for 3 GT Fiberglass Fishing Boat ? You have come to the right place as you enter this website, because we have some products and measures for fishing boats and also we are professionals.

Indonesia is a maritime nation and has tremendous potential fish. So in the exploration, we need 3 GT Fiberglass Fishing Boat to support the fish catching operation for approximately 200-300 kg of fish and also effectiveness in shipping for more than 2 day 1 night conducted by three crews.
Specifications 3 gt fiberglass fishing boats 9.5 meters

Principal Particular
Length Over All = 9.50 Metres
Breadth = 1.20 Metres
Hhull = 0.80 Metres

Gross Tonnage = 3 GT

Why choose 3 gt fiberglass fishing boat with us ??

The ship is equipped with outrigger which functions as ship's stability in facing waves of 1 to 3 meters. As for planning of construction and stability of the ship refers to the rules of the class and international standards. Thus, this 3 GT Fiberglass Fishing Boat became the smallest fishing boat categories recommended by FAO and became the standard for the operation of a maximum of 3 crew.

for customers who want more detailed information about 3 GT Fiberglass Fishing Boat. Please, contact us by email or phone that is on the bottom of this page. We hope this information can be useful and make consideration good cooperation together

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