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Ship Materials fiber Trimaran specs and price
Ship Materials fiber Trimaran specs and price
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26 Apr 2020
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Specification of

what you are looking for the ship material fiber trimaran 18.5 metres?? Advanced bounce is a fabrikan ship made from fiber that gives the concept of design in a professional manner and also based on Science at the request of the customer, as the development of the design began to flourish.
in the advanced ship design planning of sports bangkit have managed to design a ship trimaran18 .5 meter fiber material which already passes through the sea of Java along the approximately 850 miles. with the face of glassy conditionsapproximately 3 meters with satisfactory results. This is proven by this ship does reach in wakatobi, South East sulawesi.


ship materials fiber trimaran

specifications ship material fiber trimaran

1. Principal Particular
Length Over All = 18.00 Metres
Breadth = 4.50 Metres
Breadth, Max = 6.40 Metres
Hhull = 2.20 Metres
Vmax = 25 knots
Engine = Suzuki 4 x 300 HP
                 = 4 Stroke
Passenger capacity = 60 Pax


2. Equipment & Accessories
Cleats and Bolder
Tempered Glasses
Search Light
Bow Eyes
Nav Light.
Room Light
Mast Head Light
Stern Light
Electric Horn
Toilet Room

3. Navigation and Communication Equipment
VHF Radio
GPS Folder

4. Engine Equipment
Hidraulic Steering System
Double Brakeote Complete


5. Mooring Equipment
Poropelene poly Rope dia 22 mm 2 x 50 Metres
Anchor Rope Poly Propelene 25 mm dia. 200 Metres
Fender F2

6. Safety Equipment
Life Jacket 70 Pcs
Ring Buoy 2 Pcs
Fire Extinguisher 6 kgs 2 pcs
Smoke Signal 2 Pcs
Parachute signal 2 Pcs
Red Hand Flares 2 Pcs

Why ship material fiber trimaran 18.5 meter manjadikan main choices for types of cruises?Br/> in the word perencanaanya which means 3 trimaran hull, the ship is expected to have a steady performance and stability, resulting in more operational comfort for its users also ship materials fiber trimaran 18.5 meter has higher buoyancy compared single hull ships.


in the last 5 years the development of the design of the ship begin to experience the development of it can be seen from the large number of software makers bilge many popping up even the high paid.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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