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Specification of PATROL BOAT P.6.00M OLD (8 PAX)

If you are looking for a BOAT PATROL FIBER 6 meters is just right you enter in our website to get the information more clearly.

The region of Indonesia is an archipelago and the Musée, FIBER VESSELS PATROL 6 meters is needed by certain countries and parties in performing the steps-steps security and surveillance, be it the potential of sea or the coast.

The need for the SHIP FIBER PATROL 6METERbaik in the Government nor the private sector is urgently needed because once to maintain the territorial waters of both countries as well as in private ownership. 


Specifications SHIP FIBER PATROL 6 meters

1. Principal Particular
Length Over All = 6.00 Metres
Breadth = 2.10 Metres
Hhull = 1.00 Metres
Vmax = 30 knots
Engine = 1 x Yamaha 85 HP
= 2Strokep >

2. Equipment & Accessories
Cleats and Bolder
Tempered Glasses
Terpaulin Cover
Search Light
Bow Eyes
Nav Light.
Room Light
Mast Head Light
Stern Light
Electric Horn
Light Bar

3. Navigation and Communication Equipment
VHF Radio
GPS Folder

4. Engine Equipment
Hidraulic Steering System
Single Remote Complete

5. Mooring EquipmeNT
Poropelene poly Rope him. 12 mm 2 x 50 Metres
Anchor Rope Poly Propelene 16 mm dia. 200 Metres
Fender F3


6. Safety Equipment
Life Jacket 10 Pcs
Ring Buoy 2 Pcs
Fire Extinguisher 6 kgs 1 pcs
Smoke Signal 2 Pcs
Parachute signal 2 Pcs
Red Hand Flares 2 Pcs

Planning SHIP FIBER PATROL 6 meters  that we made based on the planning and construction rules


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