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fibreglass passanger
fibreglass passanger
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Specification of fibreglass passanger

You are looking for fiber passenger ship in Surabaya and other cities? CV. Advanced Risen present to provide solutions.

Indonesia is an archipelago territory and maritime, fiber board passenger into one transport alternative to replace the large ship, which can be an individual, personal or company. Also to shorten the travel time to the maximum speed we wanted.
Fiber passenger vessel specifications 9 meters:

1. Principal Particular
Length Over All = 9.00 Metres
Breadth = 2.4 Metres
Hhull = 1.10 Metres
Vmax = 25 knots
Engine = 2 x 40 HP Yamaha
                                  2 Stroke

2. Equipment & Accessories
Cleat and Bolder
tempered Glasses
terpaulin Cover
Search Light
Bow Eyes
Nav. Light
room Light
Mast Head Light
Stern Light

3. Navigation and Communication Equipment
VHF Radio
GPS (General Positioning System)

4. Engine Equipment
Rotary Steering System
Double Remote Complete
5. Mooring Equipment
Poly Rope Poropelene him. 14 mm 2 x 50 Metres
Poly Rope Anchor propelene him. 16 mm to 200 Metres

6. Safety Equipment
Life Jacket 16 Pcs
Ring Buoy 2 Pcs
Fire Extinguisher 6 kgs 2 pcs
Smoke Signal 2 Pcs
Parachute signal 2 Pcs
Red Hand Flare 2 Pcs
Why did you choose fiber passenger ship with us?

Passenger ship is a need of society in the archipelago due to the lack of transport means big ship, so it is fitting fiber passenger ship that we make as an alternative to replacing or between islands.

Important to know that fiber passenger ship that we made based on the planning and technical calculation, so that security and kstabilan boats can be guaranteed quality.


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