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Services Description Fiber Ship Repair

Fiber Ship Repair Services - PT. Maju Bangkit Indonesia Group is a company that has long experience in ship sales and also in the world of fiber ship repair. We already have many customers from various shipping fields. Along with the progress of this era, many ships are used including fiber ships. With so many ships, of course, need service for repairs if there is damage to the ship for that we are here for you.

Professional Ship Repair Service

To support good results, of course we have professional employees who are experienced in their fields, the results of repairs from ships are also good and can work optimally after repair.

Quality Ship Repair Services

Not only have professional employees we have sophisticated equipment that supports ship repair services so that the results of ship repair can be maximized.

Guaranteed Ship Repair Service

In addition we also provide a guarantee if you entrust to our ship repair services. So you don't need to hesitate with the services we sell. For more information about this ship repair service, please contact us.

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